The official exams are a very important point to certify the level of languages worldwide. Nowadays, the knowledge of English is a tool that is not only important for university studies but can also open many opportunities in the world of work.

The multilingual project in our school encourages the promotion of foreign languages within the school environment so that in the future their practice will be useful and possible in the university and work environment.

One of the activities proposed by the Escola Multilingüe committee is the official Cambridge exams: KET, PET, FLYERS, and FIRST. For this reason, the Multilingual School Certification Committee carries out, internally, an exam according to the Cambridge model for all students from 6th Primary, 2nd, and 4th ESO, the MOCK Exam. The aim is simply that all students have the opportunity to take this test without the obligation to sit the official exams.

After doing the different mock exams in the different school stages, our Primary, Secondary, and Baccalaureate students who wanted to obtain the official certificate, have taken the official Cambridge exams. For several days they have been able to show their English language skills. We are sure that they will get good results as they have prepared with determination, enthusiasm, and responsibility. We wish them all the best of luck!

Manmen Rodríguez Morales

Secondary English Teacher